Ventilator Shortage

#LATIMES - Ventilators and COVID-19: preventing a shortage

March 28th
Key Takeaways:
  1. Going on the ventilator is really just a way to buy the body time. Allowing the patient to rest and heal. :50
  2. Seeing more younger people in USA needing ventilators. This is different than China and Italy. 1:19
  3. Those that end up in the ICU could require the ventilator for 3 - 6 weeks (for those with prolonged illness) 2:05
  4. Medtronic ventilators have over 1500 parts in 1 machine. 2:53
  5. Bloom energy is attempting to refurbish old ventilators 3:18
  6. Having the staff is a huge concern. 1 ventilator requires 3 health care providers. 3:40
  7. It is not just about ramping up the number of ventilators it is a staffing issue too. 3:51

#CNBC - Can Tesla, GM And Ford Help Solve The Coronavirus Ventilator Shortage?

March 27th
Key Takeaways:
  1. 160k ventilators (12-13k in stock pile for emergencies) in the USA now.
  2. In 2015 the department of health and human Services estimated that we would need 742k in a severe pandemic like the Spanish flue of 1918.
  3. Headed for a peak in cases in the next couple weeks.
  4. Italy already in shortage and having to make the call on who lives and who dies
  5. 17% of people who test positive need a ventilator.
  6. UK gov moved to war time tactics to make ventilators with Dyson and Royals Royce.
  7. Federal government has been absent - Fed level really not doing anything. No fed law in place. States have to compete with other states to get ventilators.
  8. America is in the back of the queue to other countries that needed the ventilators that needed them first.
  9. Can hospitals afford them? This could bankrupt smaller hospitals. Large trained team/resources for 1 patient.
  10. Easier hands on approach is to use human volunteers to manually ventilate. Picture of mannequin with lungs. 14:22
  11. HEPA filter can be added with 3D printed adapter to the exhaust of ventilator. 14:55

CNET - What is a ventilator and why is there a shortage? (Coronavirus)

March 27th
Key Takeaways:
  1. The ventilator will make the difference between life and death. :14
  2. Nearly 1M Americans could require ventilation and many would need to stay on the ventilator for up to 2 weeks. 1:09
  3. You cannot buy them, you cannot find them. 1:48
  4. The FDA has relaxed some rules
  5. Still believe it will take months to produce
  6. We needed them in 14 days or they will do no good!
  7. Too much pressure can damage the lungs - Too much oxygen can lead to oxygen toxicity. 4:10
  8. Experimental tactics where you split 1 vent to 2 people. 4:38

ABC 7 Chicago - Critical ventilator shortage prompts health care workers, manufacturers to get creative

March 27th
Key Takeaways:
  1. Intro with FRESH ideas could end up saving lives - could play off this with our name.
  2. In order to grow the number of ventilators US Drug regulators have given an emergency approval that allows other devices to be repurposed like CPAP machines etc :27
  3. Italian effort to turn snorkeling equipment into a CPAP style mask to deliver therapy
  4. Two hospitals are on standby to test this out on coronavirus patients 2:30

Bloomberg Markets & Finance - Ventilators in High Demand Worldwide for Coronavirus Patients

March 25th
Key Takeaways:
  1. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says his state alone needs 30k additional machines. :28
  2. The society of critical care medicine says 960,000 patience in the U.S. may eventually need ventilators due to COVID-19. :55
  3. But only 200,000 are available. 1:02
  4. Innovation is needed in ventilators! 2:00

Sky News - New innovation could help solve ventilator shortage

March 25th
Key Takeaways:
  1. Sony has offered to turn prototype into circuit board they mass produce. 5,000 a week. :39
  2. Compressed air squeezes a bag in a box 1:10