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Joining Global Efforts to meet the Ventilator Shortage

A group of Innovators connected to Fresh Consulting have joined up to fight the Covid 19 pandemic and the related Ventilator shortage. The shortage is a worldwide effort where dozens of organizations are working on the same effort in parallel paths to see if they can find emergency use designs that reliably work to meet the upcoming shortage.

Our goal is a simplistic design that could scale up to a million units quickly. Whoever solves the ventilator shortage can save lives, and it doesn’t need to be our concept, but we’re working together to promote whatever can get there safely, the fastest.


Product Inspiration

In collaboration with the US Army, Harry Diamond Laboratories came up with an emergency ventilator in 1968, and published a positive study of the outcome. The abstract reported that “The engineering tests, along with some earlier medical tests, suggest that the respirator can provide adequate ventilation for patients.” Further in the conclusion, it reported “The results indicate that the respirator can produce cycle rates and minute volumes suitable for patient use. Medical tests on some earlier prototypes showed their ability to ventilate dogs adequately. In these tests, the respirator was operated as both an assistor and a controller.” (page 14)

Our concept builds on their innovative work in fluid dynamics, but adds pressure adjustments on inhale and exhale. A team of innovators connected to Fresh Consulting have come together to replicate that concept...and position it to scale after validating it meets safety standards and requirements.


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